Frank Anderson’s paintings form vast landscapes where space and duration are visualized in a classical depth representation, which also allude to spiritual spaces evoked in the titles.

The landscapes, with their characteristic low horizon and pronounced reclining composition that emphasizes the ever-changing aerial element, are defined by painterly suggestion rather than realism.


  • 1959 –                      Born in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
  • 1978 till 1980 –       Academy of Fine Arts evening course, Tilburg, Netherlands.
  • 1980 till 1985 –       Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg. Netherlands.
  •                                  Lives and works in Biest-Houtakker (North Brabant).
  • 1985 till present –  Atelier Frank Anderson
  • 1999 till present –  Tutorship Koning Willem 1 college, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
                                     Department: Media, Art & Performance          


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